Sunday, July 18, 2010

Return to Blogland with a Few Pictures

Catching up before I leave for Art Unraveled in two weeks. Hope you're all having a wonderful summer!

Carol and Rob with Cannon

Once again my family trooped out to my stepdad's woodlot for the annual 4th of July picnic and shooting of the cannon. You can see the tiny cannon at the bottom left of the picture above. It came from a 19th century riverboat and was used to signal that the boat was coming around the bend. Though small, the cannon is Loud!

We all have to plug our ears

My grandson and I had a great time recently at the OMSI members' night. We viewed the Einstein exhibit and Dexter got a chance to see himself as a TV weatherman.

Dexter as OMSI Weatherman

Dex in Space

This past Sunday Marie Schumacher, a wonderful singer/songwriter/music director, held her birthday party at my studio. She and six other women experienced my workshop, "Journal to the Center", an introduction to visual journaling.

They started with preparing painted backgrounds and then received a prompt for their first page.

Birthday Girl in foreground

Some of the women said they tend to be more left brained but once they got going their creativity blossomed. One attendee said her mind was filled with the exactness of measurements for her current kitchen remodel. She took off once she found out what a little bling can do!

Before bling

After bling!

A delicious unifying yellow

Subtle purple and lively green make a great combo

A soft glaze brings this bright collage together

Bits of red make this page pop

Marie's lovely "older and wiser" pages

This page creates depth with lights and darks, writing and images

An unusual and compelling use of space brings movement to this page

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