Friday, April 22, 2011

More on Artiscape

Across the street from the hotel

The Artiscape locations and hotel were in downtown Columbus, Ohio. I was thrilled to see architecture that was only familiar to me from pictures before.

Another class I taught was called "Many Windows." The students prepared canvas backgrounds with paint and/or collage. They then made collages on 3" square wood panels. (I'm very grateful to my stepdad, Rob, for cutting 150 pieces of wood for me!) When the collages were finished, the students glued them onto the decorated canvas, creating a mini art gallery.

Here are some pictures of work in progress and finished pieces. Each piece was so different and so lovely. I'll let the pictures be enough description.


Katie said...

Serena-these all turned out so great. Also, i was so excited to get my new CPS and see your lovely article in there! See you in June!

Diane said...

So glad that I found you through CPS--love your art!! (great article too!)