Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A wonderfully busy month

A bold abstract landscape from my Artiscape class, "Landscape of Dreams"

I'm in this month's issue of CPS!

I write this post, I have just returned teaching classes and taking a class at Art and Soul Retreat in Hampton, VA. My trip extended over an extra night due to flight delays. I find myself in that weird post-retreat, post-cross country-flight state where I'm really tired, but too inspired and energized to be sleepy! Teaching at two retreats in the last 3 weeks has filled me with ideas and reinforced my love of making art and my love of teaching and inspiring others to do so.

This is also a big month for me as my article on portrait painting appears in Cloth, Paper, Scissors, a fabulous art and craft magazine. Check it out

I'm behind on posting photos from Artiscape classes, so I'll finish that up now. The next post will have photos from my classes at Art and Soul and I'll tell you about my amazing class with Lesley Riley at Art and Soul.


"Landscape of Dreams" at Artiscape was fun and expressive. Students used painting knives to create landscapes. Some pieces were quite detailed while others were more abstract. They were all lovely. Here are a few examples:

This is the completed version, sent to me by the artist after she returned home. The piece has a very believable 3-D effect and evokes a peaceful day in the country.

Bold knife strokes and heavy medium combine with paint to
create a simple and rich piece.

Juicy paint and loose work create a delicious abstract work

A golden autumn scene--makes me want to be there!

A student "making waves" in a sparkling ocean scene

A magical closeup of nature

A rich and mysterious work in progress

A glorious, sunny afternoon--I want to be here, too!

A delightful fox watches the sun set over the pond

This feels just like beautiful Tuscany!

I hope you'll be inspired by all the ways students used the painting knife, acrylics, and mediums. Create your own landscape of dreams!

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Theresa said...

Hi Serena! Just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed your class "The Forgiving Medium" in Hampton, VA at the Art and Soul retreat. It's amazing how much one can teach in a 6 hour timeslot with an hour's sleep:) Thanks again, Theresa
P.S. Blogged a bit about it on today's post