Saturday, May 28, 2011

Art Unraveled Coming Up

Palimpsest (detail)   Encaustic/Mixed Media on Wood Panel

I'm looking forward to Art Unraveled coming up July 31. I'll be teaching "Wabi-Sabi Wax", so if you are headed to Art Unraveled consider taking this fun and easy class! You'll fall in love with beeswax and with the freeing process of adding mixed media, scraping, incising, and fusing. (Torches are involved, for those who so choose.)

The wax "dries" instantly yet you can continue to make additions, subtractions, and changes literally forever. If you took my Wabi Sabi class last year, join us again--the addition of wax will inspire you to new heights of creation!

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Anonymous said...

ooh, your really talented with everything you create, these are fabulous!