Friday, May 13, 2011

In the Mail and Around Town

It's Arrived!

When I was a small child I was fascinated with the idea of getting packages in the mail. This rarely happened as my close relatives lived in town and this was decades before ordering online became possible. 

I still remember my excitement when a large package showed up at our suburban door one day. I ran to my mother and begged her to open it. Alas, she told me the package should have been delivered to Mr. Blackwell across the street. He was in something called "business" and thus was known to receive packages occasionally. I was devastated.

Maybe this is why I still get excited to get packages in the mail. Especially if they contain books or art supplies. My most recent package contained elements of both. Stephanie Lee and Judy Wise have a new book, Plaster Studio, put out by North Light Books,that will teach us all about the magic of painting and collage with plaster. I can't wait to get started!

I made this in Stephanie's class

I took a plaster class with Stephanie a few years ago and a class with Judy last year. I've known Judy for years and am continually amazed at her energy and talent. Both women are inspirations to me. 

The book contains Judy and Stephanie's work and also showcases pieces by other talented artists. One of these is Linda Womack, encaustic painter extraordinaire. Linda is showing this month at Comma Spa Wine Gallery
(yes, spa services and vinotherapy--what's not to like?)
Check out her new and recent work at this new Portland hot spot.


Robin said...

I also took a plaster class with Stephanie Lee, and absolutely loved it. Serena, I think it really suits your wabi-sabi aesthetic, too!

Dayna Collins said...

I love the piece you created in Stephanie's class! Rich and textural = YUM! (I just got my signed copy in the mail and I'm taking it with me over the long Memorial Day weekend - I can't wait to dive in.)