Friday, May 6, 2011

Apple Delight

Apples from "The Forgiving Medium"

My first class at Hampton Va Art and Soul used acrylic paint to create "apple portraits." Later in class the students painted portraits inspired by master paintings.

I usually use pears for this class but due to flight delays, I was only able to get apples. I arrived at the hotel about 3 AM (Hampton time) and still had an hour to spend getting ready for class the next morning. I had managed to find 8 apples at the Atlanta airport but still needed more in order to have enough. I enlisted a few friends from past retreats, and we all grabbed as many apples from the breakfast buffet as we could. I need not have worried that apples wouldn't be as good a subject as pears. Just look at these amazing apple paintings. They are all filled with life and no two alike!

Next post will show the portraits from the masters...stay tuned.

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