Friday, May 20, 2011

Navigation with Lesley Riley

My Navigation Journal

 I'm reaping the benefits of a class I took at Art and Soul in Hampton VA a couple of weeks ago, "Navigation: Charting a Course to Your Soul".  Lesley Riley has developed a workshop that is invaluable for understanding more about our art, our goals, and even our lives. Lesley is an experienced artist, the author of several books, and an outstanding art success coach.

Lesley provided the book cover sheet, collage papers, binding materials, and loads of creative support. This included sharing with other students and creating using written and visual prompts. 


  A really useful exercise was looking at the images of our own and others work that we had brought to the class and then writing about why we responded so much to the images. We then were able to compile information and insight about what characterizes our own work.

What I learned about my own style

A mosaic of images that speak to me--I love it!

 A major breakthrough for me was looking at my goals and what is stopping me from pursuing them. One of the promises I made to myself and the class was to go home and mail the book proposal that had been sitting on my desk for almost a year. I'm not usually a procrastinator, but I was sure blocked about this task. Once I could articulate my fears to myself and others, I was ready to take the plunge. 

I sent the book proposal to a very well-known publisher in the art/craft field. Imagine the thrill when I received an email from the editor, the day after she received my proposal, telling me how much she liked it! We're still in the process of seeing if the firm will publish the book. Whether it happens or not, I sure learned an important, encouraging lesson. Thank you, Lesley!


Theresa said...

What a wonderful accomplishment! I'm so excited for you Serena! BIG Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Awesome and way to go Serena!! That's how to get things done. Lesley is the great encourager and such a sweetheart. All the best on your new adventures!

Robin said...

Hurray Serena. I'm eager to hear more about the book. Hoping you might drop a couple spoilers about it, hint hint??

Alison said...

This is exciting and wonderful. I am so happy for you.

Julia said...

I love the piece with the pier -- pleasing complimentary colors and how the eye is drawn out by the pier into the distance, to a place one imagines one can dream further...also love the idea of completing this kind of exercise for myself...gaining more vocabulary to describe one's work is always helpful...looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Serena! I miss doing art with you! I hope your book gets published. I'd love to read it. -tristen

Judy Wise said...

I hope your proposal is accepted. Your work is beautiful, original and full of soul - I'll be the first to buy it. xo

Dayna Collins said...

Serena, sounds like it was a wonderful class with Lesley and I'm so excited for you about the possible book deal!

gusDon said...

see a work and the creation would need appreciation from all sides, it is serious work ... need to combine many things, ranging from art, psychology, knowledge, history and more .... course through the work we feel alive! congrats 2u!