Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dolls for Big Girls at Art is...You

 I'm delighted to share these pictures from "Dolls for Big Girls" at Art is...You in Petaluma. This class was developed by Judy Wise. She was unable to teach in Petaluma this year and asked me to teach the class for her this time. I took Judy's class a couple of years ago and have been making dolls ever since.

I took pictures of the dolls in various stages of creation. It is so amazing to see lumps of Sculpey clay become little people with their own personalities!

This mischievous elf appears in a later picture, suitably aged

We all loved her sweet face

Look at this sculpted hair! You'll see it in living color later.

Such elegant braids!

Waiting to bake

Disembodied parts cooling after baking

Now he's subtly aged--I love him but not sure I trust him...

My demo doll left, Judy's mermaid, center, and my Miss Havisham, right

Glazing the face

We were in awe of this graceful arm and hand

Spiky hair in living color!

Coming to life with this great face

What an expressive face!

She looks alive and about to get up and dance


farmlady said...

That doll in the last photo does look real. Amazing. What fun this class must have been... but I'm glad I got to be in your Time Travel Altered Book class.
I did a post on our class today.It's at:
If you have a minute, please take a look and thank you for a wonderful class in Petaluma.

Katie said...

Hi Serena! What a fun class and those are some great dolls!