Sunday, October 30, 2011

Encaustic Class Samples

Underground (Demo of painting,collage, & shellac burning)

I did these demo samples in yesterday's "Mind Your Own Beeswax" class. It doesn't show up here too much, but I used my absolute favorite encaustic paint, R and F's Celadon for the upper part of the collage/painting. I make most of my own paints with encaustic medium and powdered pigment or oil paint. This color, though, is one I can't do without buying.

Surfacing ( Demo of collage, teabags, painting, and tea)

The Shape of Things to Come (Demo of incising, scraping, painting, and teabag)

Portland, 1938 (Demo of painting, incising, collage, and shellac burning)

I found an old book page with an ode to Portland. I included this in the demo sample which was made mostly to show students various techniques. Now that I look at it, I seem to see an undertone of part of Portland's past. A self-congratulatory city then, as now, but with fewer reasons. Portland until the sixties was mostly all-white, racist, sexist, etc. I like Portlandia better...

Next post: Student work from Saturday's class.

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