Sunday, January 15, 2012

Last Chance for Giveaway: Online class opens tomorrow

Don't forget to send me an email through my website or send me to your blog so I can post your latest work! This can be anything, art, craft, words, a new shelf, a get the idea. This will enter you in my giveaway. If you win, you get an oversize reproduction of any work on my website.

My first online class opens tomorrow--I'm so excited. It's a six video class and you can work at your own pace. My host is the wonderful Creative Workshops.

I'm hard at work on my book for North Light on wabi-sabi work. But I'm not to busy to check out another great giveaway on one of my favorite sites, Altered Bits.

You Shine                 Mixed Media on Panel

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Anonymous said...

i think i was commenting on your other posts while you were writing this as i swear it wasn't here a little bit ago. :)

i'm so excited to hear about your class and am hugely envious of anyone and everyone that is attending. how fun! and a book with north light! how exciting!! congratulations -- i didn't know you were doing a book (because i'm horrible at communication!). let's get together soon. (and i am almost done with interview questions for you if you're still interested.)