Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Reader's Creations

Debbie took an encaustic class from me last fall at the Art and Soul Retreat in Portland. She fell in love with the medium and has provided pictures of her first mysterious and evocative works. Here's what she said about getting started at home with encaustic.

"Couldn't you just use the same griddle we use for food?" asked my practical minded husband as I was unpacking my newly purchased griddle to use for encaustic painting. My encaustic starter kit had arrived a few days earlier and now with griddle and heat gun in hand, I was ready to try encaustic painting at home. Last October I'd had the privilege of taking an encaustic workshop with Serena Barton in Portland and immediately fell in love with this medium. Even though I was somewhat hesitant to try it out at home, in the back of my mind, I knew resistance was futile."

Debbie, I'm glad you didn't resist. Here's the work Debbie made--I am impressed and delighted.

 The above was inspired by a haiku by the master poet, Basho. I think she captures the feeling expressed by the haiku perfectly.

 No one travels
Along this road but I
This autumn evening

Thank you so much for sharing your work, Debbie!

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Debbie said...

Thank you for showing my work on your blog, Serena. I'm honored! You are so generous.