Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Peek at Portland's Past

The other day I stopped by my beloved Muse Art/Design and was surprised to see that the large antique shop next door had disappeared. Instead of the antique store name above the empty space I saw this for the first time:

From the font used in the sign, I'd guess the late forties, but some of you may have a better idea. I looked online for information about this long gone business. I found that there is a current business by this name in NE Portland but I don't know if there is any connection.

Anyway, when I saw the old signs I conjured up visions of neighborhood kids lining up for cool ice cream cones and sundaes on a hot day and fathers stopping by after work to pick up a quart of ice cream goodness. Ice cream isn't in my food plan, but I can just about taste it right now--delicious and just like homemade. 

While in a sort of wabi-sabi mood, I took these pictures of the fence between our back yard and our neighbors'. We all keep talking about replacing the fence but not doing anything about it. Aesthetically speaking, I love it the way it is.

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Dot Hearn said...

Thank you for posting the pictures of the layers. Of course you captured the layers - those are your specialty. Nice photos!

I wonder, too, if the current company of ht esame name is related to the old one.

And the fence - yes. Beautiful in the picture. *grin*