Monday, January 28, 2013

Seeing what is/is not there...

I gasped with delight when I saw the piece below take shape.

The Golden Age          Oil/Cold Wax on Wood Panel

Do you see images in linoleum, cracked wall paint, clouds, ceiling cracks, etc? What about abstract paintings?

 I remember when I was a teen, I read a letter to Dear Abby where a woman was worried that she was crazy for seeing images in her floor covering. I was relieved to have Abby assure the woman that she was not alone.

This has been on my mind lately in view of my abstract work with oil and cold wax. This is intuitive, exploratory work, very different from my representative work.

So, what I was excited to see in this piece is a 17th century harbor with ships ready to set sail from Holland to the South Seas,or the East Indies to pick up spices, china, textiles, or tulip bulbs. The colors remind me of those used by Rembrandt, Frans Hals, and Judith Leyster. 

I can't see the  piece without thinking of that. I've wondered what this would look like to others. So far one person has agreed about the ships in harbor. Another saw a volcano. What do you see? Anyone able to see pure abstraction?


teri said...

I love the colors and the energy I see in this work. I'm always drawn to subdued colors that also have interesting vibrancy. Serena, do you have any recommendations for learning about using cold wax?

Serena Barton said...

Thanks, Teri! I will be teaching a cold wax painting class, "Baby It's Cold", at Art and Soul Retreat in VA Beach on April 27 of this year.

Judy Wise, a wonderful artist, is currently teaching a cold wax class online. Unfortunately it has already started, but you might contact her to see if she will be offering it again.

Check out Rebecca Crowell's website called Cold Wax Painting. She is a fabulous artist and teaches in various locations.

Hope this helps!

dot hearn said...

This is a beautiful piece. It's full of energy and mystery and draws me in.

Wonderful use of color.

MB Shaw said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! So luscious.

Serena Barton said...

Thank you, Mary Beth!

Alison said...

I see the ship, but not in harbor; rather already rolling on the "wine-dark sea." Also it is more modern, more 20th century. I love it.

Serena Barton said...

I see what you mean, Alison! It does look like the sea of Homer...xo

Kimberly Jones said...

I see a city in flames with the fire reflected in the harbor. What an exciting work!