Monday, August 17, 2015

An Expressively Abstract Weekend Teaching in Seattle!

I didn't paint the piece above--the credit goes to Terry Smith who organized and hosted the two-day oil/cold wax workshop that I had the good fortune to teach last weekend at The Miller School of Art in Seattle.. I had a great group of students and had so much fun. Our participants ranged from experienced painters, intermediate painters, and beginners. All produced vibrant and stunning work! 

We worked on panels, Arches Oil Paper, and Stone Paper. I brought a lot of texture tools and students were inventive in finding additional ones. Students used plaster and Ceracolors in priming some of their boards, as well as acrylic gesso.

Participants experimented with adding gold transfer leaf for accents.

The piece above was the first picture this student ever painted!

Above: Applying oil and cold wax with a palette knife

Adding oil pastel, above

A touch of stamping above, on the right

Complex Simplicity can be seen above

Scraping off excess transfer leaf, above

Using a squeegee to move paint around, above

Above, a student's rusted paper collaged with cold wax

Above, another strong piece from a beginning painter

Incising, above

Above, spreading oil and cold wax over oil pastel marks on Arches Oil Paper

By the second day, everyone got bold and adventurous. It shows beautifully in their work.

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