Monday, February 16, 2009

Pictures from a walk with Dexter

Chair on front porch--Dexter's first choice for a photo

My 9 year old grandson, Dexter, and his mother are staying with us for a few months. Dexter and I went for a walk yesterday to take pictures of interesting things we could find around the immediate neighborhood. My goals were for us both to get a little exercise and for both of us to get to practice seeing our surroundings more clearly.

As I am fond of looking for things Wabi-sabi, I explained this concept to Dexter as best I could. He seemed to catch on pretty well. During our walk he evaluated what he saw. Sometimes he'd stop and look at something and inform me, "that doesn't quite meet your requirements." Other times he'd say something did seem to have a Wabi-sabi quality. We decided that we could take pictures of things we liked, whether they were quite Wabi-sabi or not.

I noticed that both of us looked at and saw more than we usually would on a walk. I plan to have us repeat the experiment as often as we can.

Here are some of the things we found:

Neighbor's birdhouse

More birdhouses

Passionfruit vine in winter

Winter hydrangeas

Neighbor's rock mosaic

In a neighbor's yard

Vines and sky

Sidewalk near our house

This is a great way to exercise the body and vision--try it in your neighborhood!

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