Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Small changes with big impacts, prompt actions, and GASP report

A small change, a big difference

I showed this assemblage in my last post, explaining that I had made it from a Random Art Prompt. I was pretty happy with it, though I felt it lacked a certain oomph.

Tonight at the Art of Life group, it was again brought home to me how much it helps to have other perspectives. Cindy suggested that I drape the fabric a bit differently to bring the two pieces of the assemblage together. I ended up cutting a longer piece of fabric and draping it as you can see above. As Cindy noted, "Now it's a story."

Uniting the two pieces visually through draping the cloth between them did what I wanted it to--it tells the story of the relationship between the two figures.

Closeup with new drapery--it adds dimension and depth

Another closeup-- now we know more what this man is dreaming about

Cindy worked with another prompt tonight. Hers was:

"Using tertiary colors, evoke a sense of thankfulness and place the subject in a tropical vacation. Try a Byzantine style."

Not exactly an easy one...

Cindy's Prompt Painting

Cindy did this delicious painting in just over an hour. Wow! She took it with her, saying she'll make some alterations at home. She is thinking she'll turn the coconut pieces into a fish . I'll show you the revised version next week! I find it so interesting to see works in progress and how they develop.

Jodi did this playful piece tonight

Jodi decided not to use a prompt but just to play and let her piece evolve. Her last addition was the 3-D clay figure someone had left behind. The background is a rich transparent red iron oxide which is set of beautifully by the blue and turquoise accents.

Closeup of Jodi's collage. I love how she added the head of the woman in curlers to the man's body. It adds interest to the couple and keeps the viewer a bit off balance!

I decided to try another piece based on a Random Prompt. I was in an assemblage mood still, so this is what I came up with. Jodi thought of adding the clay head. On top I added some painted wooden "keys" that come with canvases to help keep them stretched. My prompt was:

"Capture a sense of urgency with indigo colors. Theme: my hopes are with the dead."

I plan to make some more changes to this piece after I've let it sit awhile. I'll show you the finished product when the time comes!

"My Hopes are with the Dead"

Closeup. I included my new favorite element: used teabags. The little girl holds a puzzle piece.

Closeup of one side--I'm hoping this old engraving of a woman running away and looking back will meet the "urgency" requirement of the prompt

Today's GASP Report

Julia and I took all the wood from the garage loft to the dump. You can see that the wood extended to the front seats. We hauled the wood to the car in the brief snow shower we had this afternoon.

We had to stay on our own side!

This is me, bemused in the cold and snowy air. Couldn't find my hat, so I sported a most flattering babushka.

The back of the car. I never want to see another stray piece of old wood.

A couple of notes--some of you read my last post but didn't see that it has videos on it. It does! Also, I love comments, hint.


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