Monday, September 13, 2010

Remembering the past: both sorrowful and joyful

Alison's Pear

My old friend from college, Alison, and I had a great week of visiting, sight-seeing and catching up. It is such a gift to re-connect with someone from long ago and to find that we are just as fond of each other as ever, maybe even more so.

Alison was good enough to go to the studio with me and volunteer to let me try my teaching painting techniques on her. She was dubious at first, but ended up really pleased with her first painting, the pear above.

She also covered the notebook below in her first collage work. Great job, Alison!

Alison's Notebook


Someone I was very close to in the past died recently along with his wife. Sometimes, as with Alison, revisiting the past is a joyful pastime. When someone who was important to us in the past is suddenly gone, it's a shock. Remembering the past becomes painful. We'd all rather not experience this kind of grief, but we know it must be honored and experienced in all its permutations. It is an unavoidable part of life. Rest in peace, Richard and Astrid.