Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dexter's Art

"Decay of Authority" by Dexter, age 11

I just have to share this art piece that my grandson made this afternoon. Usually he's into computers and his Ipod and doesn't want to do art any more. Today he went with me to the art store to get some supplies, including a blender pen. He wanted to see how it worked so I showed him how to make a photo transfer onto pressboard with it. I made a piece with encaustic and collage over a transfer on board. He decided to try it.

Using the techniques I had used in my piece: transfer, encaustic, and collaging paper and used paper towels, he created the following piece. As he worked he developed the narrative that culminated in his finished piece, which he titled, "Decay of Authority."
I won't share his narrative, because it is personal to him, but I was amazed and awed, as I always am, at how our inner concerns come out into our art without our intending it.

I think he has a gift for composition from this and other art he's made. He could see it was a "good" piece, but decided he didn't want to keep it. I'm acting as his agent, as he would be happy to sell the piece to a good home!

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Dayna Collins said...

Wow! How fun that you get to do art with your grandson and he definitely has talent. You never know what kind of influence you will have as Dexter decides what he wants to do with his life.