Saturday, September 4, 2010

Recent Class Pictures

Sandra's Red "Rose" created from a crumpled
towel and other collage elements

Four fabulous women came to my studio Tuesday for a workshop on painting and collage. Jenn was the delightful ringleader and brought three dear friends (one being her sister) for a workshop celebration of new beginnings for all of them. They did wonderful work and we all had so much fun!

Sandra's rich painting with collage elements

Sandra created this "Rhapsody in Blue" with stained paper towels and paint

Lester had to get in on the fun

Kristin's magical collage landscape

Jenn creating her Italian looking collage

Sisters at play

Donna's lovely painting makes me think of a teahouse. This is her first painting!

This great group will return in two weeks to take an encaustic workshop!

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