Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Painting and Finding Snow

Portrait of Lucrezia Panciatichi (detail) after Bronzino

I'm working on an article for Cloth, Paper, Scissors that will appear in the May-June issue. The article and finished pieces are due January 10, so I've been working away! I won't give details about the article yet, but the assignment includes painting four pieces after famous painters, such as the one above. I learn so much doing this copying. I will never make a professional forger, as my paintings don't look just like the originals. Still, that isn't the point of the exercise. Rather, I do it to learn to see how experienced painters get the effects they do, and to expand my repertoire of skills and practice seeing better what is there.

Vineyard in the Snow

Before I show more of those, I want to share a couple of pictures I took Sunday at Cathedral Ridge Winery in Hood River. Some friends won a tour of the winery in an auction and they were so generous to invite us to go with them. I wasn't sure where we were going when we got in their car, so it was a delight to take the scenic ride up to Hood River and see beautiful snow. The wine was great, too!

At Cathedral Ridge Winery

Saturday, a trip to Monticello Antiques yielded this sweet old doll in need of love. My partner says it's creepy. I think she's beautiful. She has a sweet face and is just suffering the ravages of time. I can relate. Do you think she's creepy or cute?

I vote for cute.

At the Ball(detail) after Berthe Morisot

Portrait of a Young Woman (detail) after Petrus Christus

Two Tahitian Women (detail) after Gauguin


Tiffany Jewelry said...

In 2011, you will feel yourself more learned, mature, and trained.I hope you have a wonderful New Year. May every day hold happy hours for you.

Dayna Collins said...

Your painted faces are beautiful, of course. Regarding the doll, well, I think she is beautifully creepy, which means I LOVE her! And I also love Monticello . . . we are definitely on the same page.

Suze said...

The paintings are very intriguing. Love the sensual quality of them.
The doll? I looove unique things and an orphan can always use a little love.
Love your work.