Saturday, March 1, 2014

More Mosaic Collages and Encaustic Class Reminder

More mosaic background collages from Linda Kunsman! The below is from her blog. Check it out to see this and other inspiring work from her.

Those of you who stopped by last week know I shared my enthusiasm for a tutorial  YouTube video Serena Barton shared on her blog recently. Curb your enthusiasm? Not me! If you didn't check it out, go here for the links. I have two more canvases to share this week :)

  This is how the canvas started:

                                                   just  squares of paper scraps in my stash

   And finished:

                                                    Seek Within      (6" x 8" canvas board)

Reinkers, acrylic glazing medium, blue acrylic paint, card stock stencil, door image (Paper Whimsy), recycled dryer sheet, dress pattern tissue paper, typed words, pencil, black ink pad.

  the second canvas base:

  And the finished  canvas:

                                             My Heart Has a Window    ( 6" x 8" canvas board)

Reinkers, glazing medium, green/ green black acrylic paints, Victorian pattern wall stencil, window image and girl image (Paper Whimsy), found words, recycled dryer sheet, black ink pad.

 What I love most about creating these is just laying down the various papers,  seeing the transformation and  really just playing with mixes of reinkers and glaze directly on the substrate for some really good results. I either start with a word/ sentiment or an image and go from there.  BTW, Serena kindly took the time to send me a note and share my work on her blog. She also heartily agreed that if you create something inspired by her videos or her book or classes to contact her and let her know.  I so appreciate the time she takes with everyone and the fact that she has given me a way to put my  art and spirit into these projects.

Thank you, Linda!


Reminder to those in the Portland OR area:
Coming up on March 8


Chosen        Encaustic/Mixed Media on Wood Panel

  Layers of History with Encaustic

The translucent qualities of the encaustic (beeswax and resin) wax medium and paint create depth, mystery and complexity. You will learn to make encaustic medium and encaustic paint, incise, add oil paint, use cheesecloth, specialty papers, and more You'll leave with several paintings and/or mixed media pieces and all the information you need to get started on your own!

March 8, 2014 1-5 PM
Tuition: 90. Supplies included 
Register on my website

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