Wednesday, November 18, 2009

First Giveaway Entry and Students' Creativity

Mary's Mittens
The first entry in my new giveaway is now in! Mary Stilwell, who lives on her beautiful family farm in Nebraska, sent this picture of the mittens she's making. Mary is a talented painter but likes to branch out sometimes. Here's what she said in her email to me: " My grandmother made mittens by the dozen for us as we were growing up. We'd always have to stop at her knitting chair after school so she could see if she got the cuff long enough. Living here at the farm, it has been one of the nostalgic things that seemed to make sense. So I'm learning the art of mittens."

These look so lovely and cozy. I am a knitting dropout. I may be an artist, but when it comes to knitting I am all big, clumsy thumbs. I can't even get through a row without dropping stitches right and left. So I am a great admirer of those who can knit, and I can just imagine how delicious these mittens feel.

Thanks, Mary for sending the picture and the great story about your grandmother.

Carla noted in a comment on my last post that I didn't say how you can get your pictures to me for the contest. Just email me through my website here with your picture and story.

Last weekend I taught a PSU class, "The Helpmate and the Courtesan" at Mt. Hood Community College. I want to share the creative projects from this class. I'm always so impressed and moved by what students can do in these weekend classes. For some of them it was their first creative endeavor. The class covered the lives and work of 17th century Dutch painter, Judith Leyster, and Renaissance poet and courtesan, Veronica Franco.

Anne's freeform assemblage to both artists.

Dana's diary entry for Judith Leyster. She also wrote a diary entry for Veronica Franco and a poem in Franco's style of Terza Rima.

Elise made her first collage ever for Veronica Franco.

Hibah created a mixed media piecehonoring both women.

Melanie made a textured, free-form collage for the artists.

Judith Leyster signed her paintings with this symbol. It includes her initials and a star, as her last name means "lodestar" in Dutch.

Judith Leyster's signature

Melonie wrote a poem in terza rima and also designed he
own signature,
in the spirit of Judith Leyster.

Here is one of Tina's poems, written with a steel nib pen and aged.

Sherry's mixed media piece for Veronica Franco

Prairie made soul collage cards for both women.

This weekend I teach the same class in Salem, with 22 students!

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