Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Spelling Bee, New Work, and Old Treasure Found

Dexter Weasley

Yesterday I stopped by Mississippi Pizza to see my grandson participate in the weekly spelling bee for kids. Since it was Halloween, most kids were in costume. There were three from Hogwarts: one Colin Creavy, one Ginny Weasley, and one Dexter Weasley. As my grandson, Dexter, explained, he's not in the books but came as a member of the Weasley family. With his naturally red hair and painted on freckles, I could well believe it. He came in second and had a great time. I had a great time watching all the kids perform and seeing how well they handled both winning and losing.

My Miss Havisham doll has been joined by another Horrible Example, Lady M. from what superstitious theater people call "The Scottish Play."

"What, will these hands n'er be clean? Out, d**ned spot, Out I say!"

I'm delighted to have found an old treasure that has been lost in the house for a while. This is a book put together by my Great Grandma Nellie Spencer for my mother when the latter was a baby. It's much the worse for being moved from house to house in my youth. I remember every page well, as my mother and I looked at it for hours when I was about 3.
Book Cover

The book consists of magazine illustrations, many by the now-famous Jessie Wilcox Smith. My great grandmother had cut and pasted them into an old existing book.

This is what the original book pages look like. Most of them
mention President McKinley.

The year on the muff the New Year Baby is holding (right) is 1921

I've really been having fun with my Crop-o-dile. I made a new little book using all recycled materials.

Book Cover with Teabag

Back of Book


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