Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Musing and Creating

Joan of Arc in her tinfoil armor

November is such an interesting month. I've just gotten used to it being fall, and now "the holidays" are looming ahead. I've had some excitement this month with the publication of my article "Wabi Sabi Inspiration" in one of my favorite magazines, Cloth, Paper, Scissors. It's just now on the stands; the November/December issue.

I've just found out dates I'll be teaching acrylics at Rouge Gallery and Art Center in Medford. I'll be doing a two day workshop on March 6 and 7. This is a new teaching venue for me and I'm really looking forward to it.

Some sad news is that Art and Soul Retreat Madison 2010 has been canceled due to its founder's health issues. I'm thinking good thoughts for Glenny and hope her health will be much improved after she takes time to do what's needed. I am sorry not to be able to teach and take classes at Madison this summer, but will look forward to Madision 2011. You can check out the other Art and Soul retreats offered here.

I've received some wonderful emails from students who had signed up for my workshops in Madison. Their positive energy has helped me rally from disappointment and my November "I just want to hibernate" syndrome! One such correspondent is
Jennifer White.

Check out her work!

Thanks to all for your encouraging messages. I have gotten good news from another teaching venue and will share it as soon as I get the okay.

I love working in my new studio! I've never felt such spaciousness and freedom while making art. I've been turning out handmade books and journals, art dolls, and paintings for my upcoming holiday art sale with Diane Havnen-Smith.

I was at Diane's studio last week watching her paint loose, humorous faces on pillows. I used to do this in the early 90's and I found myself feeling envious of the fun Diane was having with these wonderful faces. I realized I've been missing painting. I love doing mixed media work and have been thrilled with the unending possibilities, tools, and techniques. But my roots are in painting and I've been neglecting it.

That night I started to paint a face of my own on a small wood panel. At first I felt panicked--"Maybe I can't do it anymore!" The observing part of me knew that this is a recurring process when an artist has been away from a medium for a while. That allowed me to keep at it until I created Noir Star. My favorite art book,
Art and Fear, says, "Art is all about starting over." Does this sound familiar to any one else out there?

Diane introduced me to a wonderful artist and delightful person week before last.
Her name is Annie Lockhart and here's her blog. I felt so comfortable with her right away. I think creative women of a certain age have such a gift for connection--I love being part of that group. Annie's book will be out soon--I'm eager to see it and will let you know as soon as it's published.

Noir Star

This woman reminds me a bit of the film noir actress Ann Savage. The day before I painted this I had watched her most famous movie, Detour. I hadn't intended any resemblance of face or period when I painted, but as usual what's on the mind comes out on the canvas. A while ago I purchased a lovely purse and compact that Ann Savage had owned. It even still has her powder and puff in it. And maybe a little stardust.

Ann Savage in Detour

I really want to jazz things up in this dark season. Tell you what--here's a new giveaway. Send me a photo of something you've created and I'll post it and thereby enter you in the contest. If you've only created a casserole recently, send me a picture of that! It's more than I've done in the culinary department...

What is the prize?
"Secrets of Rusty Things" by Michael De Meng. If you already have it, enter anyway. I could be persuaded to offer an alternate prize.


Carla said...

Hello there. I have no idea how to send you a photo of one of my projects, but thought I'd let you know how much I enjoyed your article in CPScissors. I'm a new artist and always get teased by my kids & friends for picking up old rusty bits while we walk, but I have no intention of stopping.

Serena Barton said...

Hi Carla,

Thanks for your comment! You're right, I didn't explain how to send me a photo. I hope you will send one to my email address:

No, don't stop picking up those rusty bits! They are like gold!



chrissie said...

you made the CPS issue
one of the best
I love your extra tip
i cant wait play

Thank you

Serena Barton said...

Thanks, Chrissie!