Monday, November 30, 2009

Recommended Show, Little Assemblages, "Mind Your Own Beeswax", Giveaway Entries

Reflection by Scott Jeffs

stopped by Onda Gallery the other day and viewed the exceptional work in this month's holiday show. I was delighted with the work of Scott Jeffs and Lisa Sayles, in particular. Scott's pastel landscapes are breathtaking. If I could, I'd buy the whole wall of Lisa's small acrylic paintings. Some are complex and others minimalist, and all are magical. Onda also has lots of additional art and fine craft on display, and the city's best collection of Latin American imports. Stop by and see this great gallery on Alberta St.!

Work by Lisa Sayles

I'm having a lot of fun preparing for my holiday shows. I made the small assemblage below after reading "Radiant Darkness" by Emily Whitman. This novel for young adults (and old ones, too) tells the story of Persephone, who left her mother, the earth goddess Demeter, to live with the god Hades, ruler of the underworld. Emily's imagining of the Greek myth views Persephone as an active participant in her life, not as the passive victim of an abduction.

Persephone Emerging

I held an encaustic class at my studio. Two of the students had never done encaustic before while one had taken a class a while back. They were all brave and imaginative!

Julie's landscape

Rachel's olive branches

Ruby's abstract

Julie, Rachel, and Ruby at play

Our "sofa gallery" at the end of class

And now, presenting more art sent by readers who are participating in the Giveaway contest. On December 4 the names of those who've sent me pictures of their recent work to post will be put in a hat. I will then draw the name of the winner, who'll receive a copy of Michael de Meng's amazing book: "Secrets of Rusty Things". (Or an alternate art book.)

Jodi does the drollest, wittiest surreal people. Here's Buttonman.


Mary (not Mary of the Mittens) sent the above and the following inventive assemblages

I love 'em all!

If you are local, I hope to see you at the Winter Twilight Art Sale at 100th Monkey on December 5, and/or at my studio sale with Diane Havnen Smith on December 12 and 13. For those far away, I am putting up some of my work in the Holiday Sale section of my website here.

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