Monday, November 22, 2010

Creativity from Nebraska

Crocheted Sweater in Progress

My dear friend Mary Stilwell in Nebraska sent me some great photos of her projects in progress. Though Mary is a talented painter, she also finds time for other forms of creating. Here's what she said about the sweater above:

"For a long time I've crocheted and knitted sweaters for the Oxfam organization headquartered in England. They send sweaters to children all over the world who are in need. I only have 2 more rows to go before I finish the ends and sew the 2 sides together."

A Shawl Begins

I'm excited to see that Mary is weaving again. Weaving was one of my first efforts to create as an adult. I decided that as a weaver I make a good painter, but I miss it when I see this picture of the lovely shawl taking shape. Mary says:

"A shawl that I've begun weaving for one of our homebound members from church...I've not met her, but when she was able, she made a beautiful quilt wall hanging for the parish reception hall. It is beautiful, so I hope she will like this purple (with green and burgundy hints) shawl."

Yum. I want to eat this soup right now.

"A pot of soup that I made this afternoon. I thought I'd get a head-start on Thanksgiving leftovers and made a batch of turkey vegetable soup. I caramelized the onions and carrots before adding the broth and potatoes. Then browned the ground turkey before adding to the pot. And finally a tin of wonderful tomatoes. Yummmmm. It is getting cold here on the plains. Only got to 32 today -- and the air is damp. Feels like snow is not far away."

I'm glad you sent this soup picture along with the others, Mary. Creativity comes in many forms, some of them seemingly every day but really part of the art of living. Thank you!

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