Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Today's Encaustic Class

Today's talented and enthusiastic class

What could be better for a gloomy weather day than an afternoon in the studio? Four intrepid students met at here today for an encaustic session. This was the third for three of them and the first for one. They created for four hours straight with great results.

A blurry photo of Dawn's sweet geese

Deb's enchanting terrace. This was her first encaustic painting class!

Dawn with her pastoral encaustic collage using three different
pictures as source imagery.

Jen with a village landscape full of texture and depth

A set of mysterious pieces by Tysa

Tysa's first portrait (in any medium) in progress!
She got wonderful effects with Encausticbord by Ampersand.

Deb made this wonderfully textured collage for her granddaughter.
She used dress pattern paper for texture.

Jen's evocative collage for Italy. She's as obsessed
with that country as I am!

3-D elements make Dawn's Paris fashion collage tres chic.

Of course, Mr. Lester had to join us today for part of the class. He posed with his portrait by Toulouse Lautrec.


Anonymous said...

I just put the picture of Lester as my laptop wallpaper. I think it is just wonderful! His own portrait! And in your studio, so I can be reminded of it. *sigh* miss you

Serena Barton said...

Thanks, anonymous. I think I just figured out who you are. I miss you too!