Monday, November 22, 2010

Lesley Venable and Barbara Lewis

Torch-fired enamel bead necklace by Barbara Lewis

Wow, I'm so pleased to be getting exciting photos of work from fellow art retreat instructors! The delicious piece above is by Barbara Lewis. She creates wearable art-- "fun-loving pieces for the woman who embraces the unexpected and makes a statement with her artwear. The winning combination of torch-fired enamel and fabricated metal, along with a playful approach, encourages you to break free of taboos, such as redheads can't wear red and you can't wear white after Labor Day!"

Well, I broke the redheads can't wear red taboo a long time ago, and I'd love to break some more with Barbara's "Playing with Fire" treasures. And anything involving a torch is great with me!
Barbara also has an etsy shop and a blog you'll want to check out. Thanks, Barbara!

Here's work from another talented artist: Lesley Venable.
What a beautiful and unique book!

Book page spread

Book Cover

I'm drooling over Lesley's work and over the vintage and vintage style offerings she has in her etsy shop, A Vintage Season. Especially the santos heads! Below are some amazing original angels from her blog. Her angels were inspired by creations her father made. Lesley teaches how to create your own angels, so check out her blog for classes and her own lovely art work. Thanks, Lesley!

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