Saturday, November 6, 2010

Student Work Pictures

Jen working on an encaustic collage that recalls her travels

My lovely group of wild women creators came to the studio again this past week for another round of encaustic collage and painting. Here are a few photos that don't really do the work justice... This group is now coming every two weeks or so for creative recreation!

Tysa worked a lot on this piece, including managing to
incorporate chicken wire

She created a powerful and mysterious piece

Dawn's sweet bird collage

Jen's small travel piece uses a vintage book page
and her own photos as collage elements

More of Jen's travel photos evoke the spirit of Venice.
She used metallic pigments mixed into encaustic medium
for the glowing bronze and blue colors.

Dawn used only encaustic medium and paint for this lively abstract.
She played around with the torch to experiment with moving the wax.

Now for a few pictures from work by a ten year old individual student.
She and I roamed the neighborhood for found objects she could use in an assemblage. She used several objects we found in her piece, "The Secret Garden", inspired by the book and the movie of that name.

The student covered the front flap of a cigar box
with collage paper and added a handle made
with a piece of wood she found.

The open assemblage incorporates many objects found on
our walk: paper, "money" plants, a rope bracelet, a plastic arch of unknown
function, and leaves. She added typed text found in the studio and an
old fashioned key to unlock the gate of the garden. She mixed
her acrylic paints until she got just the colors she wanted.

The back of the box was collaged with a vintage book page and painted.
The round designs on the book page was done with a small rubber tip of
something that we found on our walk. It made a great stamping tool.

Thanks to the students for letting me share your work and your creative process!

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